Who We Serve: Your Partner in Sports and Academic Event Management

ArbiterSports Serves Over 65 Million Americans, One In Every Five Of Us


Your Game, Our Mission

From state associations to student-athletes, from officials to parents—ArbiterSports is the backbone of K-12 and collegiate sports and event management in America.

State Associations and Governing Bodies

State associations trust Arbiter for its comprehensive suite of solutions, including registration, eligibility checks, and scheduling. Our technology ensures consistency, compliance, and a unified data view across states and organizations.

Sports Official Assigners

Assigners are vital to the sports ecosystem. ArbiterSports offers the tools to manage the complexities of scheduling and eligibility, so you can focus on what really matters.

School Districts, Schools and Universities

We serve athletic directors, superintendents, and financial personnel, offering seamless data sharing and operational efficiency across all levels of education.

Officials, Event Personnel and 1099 Workers

These individuals are crucial to the success of athletics and events. ArbiterSports provides the solutions that extend beyond the field, impacting educational disciplines.

Parents and Student-Athletes

With Arbiter’s user-friendly products, parents and student-athletes can easily access schedules, sign up for programs, and receive real-time alerts and notifications.


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