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Effortless Payments

Streamline your financial transactions effortlessly with Arbiter Pay. Enjoy unlimited value with zero transaction fees, and rest assured knowing your financial data is encrypted and secure. Experience the speed and convenience of real-time transactions.

Real-Time Scheduling for Sports and Events

Manage your events with unparalleled efficiency using our comprehensive platform. Handle everything from officials and workers to games and venues with Arbiter Scheduling. Keep parents, leagues, and conferences informed in real-time with our user-friendly interface that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Versatile Online Registration Solutions

Streamline your form collection processes with our versatile online solutions. Suitable for schools, sports, and other events, Arbiter Registration helps reduce data collection costs and eliminate paper form collection processes. Manage official, parent, and student communication securely, while minimizing risks.

Seamless Management of Official Eligibility

Be confident that officials assigned to your events meet all eligibility requirements. Our Arbiter Eligibility platform handles everything from online registration and background checks to online and in-person training and testing. Ensure compliance and reduce risks with our comprehensive solution.

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