Success Story: Metropolitan Washington Soccer Referees Association (MWSRA)

Case Study

Transforming Soccer Refereeing: How Arbiter Elevated the Game for Metropolitan Washington Soccer Referee Association.


The Metropolitan Washington Soccer Referees Association (MWSRA), a prominent referees' group in the Washington, MD area, encountered significant operational challenges due to an outdated legacy system. 

Grappling with an outdated system that was bogged down by manual processes, including paper check payments to referees, and a lack of real-time visibility into referee assignments and availability, it led to inefficiencies, dissatisfaction among referees, and a competitive disadvantage in the digital era.


The Arbiter Solution: A Leap into Modern Refereeing

In response, the association embraced Arbiter's cutting-edge platform, introducing two pivotal enhancements: digital referee payments and an optimized assigning system. This shift represented a significant departure from traditional practices, aligning the association with contemporary digital payment methods.

The Outcome: A New Era in Referee Management

Steve Cassell, a prominent figure in the association and USSF Assigner, underscores the transformative impact of adopting Arbiter:

  • Efficient Payment System: Arbiter's platform enabled electronic payments, vastly improving the frequency and ease of transactions for referees..
  • Time and Resource Saving: The treasurer saved considerable time with electronic payments, and the assigners experienced an 80% reduction in workload.
  • Simplified Assigning Process: The platform shows available referees and their proximity to the fields, drastically reducing the time and effort needed for assignments.
  • User-Friendly Experience: The switch to Arbiter was facilitated by comprehensive support and front-end education meetings ensuring a smooth transition for officials and administrators. 
  • Enhanced Communication: The mobile app significantly reduced the need for follow-ups, as referees could instantly report game scores and receive instant updates on game changes.
The Metropolitan Washington Soccer Referee Association's journey with Arbiter showcases a significant leap towards efficiency and modernization in sports management. Their story is a testament to how the right technology can transform the operational dynamics of athletic organizations.