Success Story: Long Beach City School District, NY

Case Study
Long Beach City School District

Collaborations and partnerships play a meaningful role in Long Beach City School District’s mission to develop compassionate, life-long learners capable of achieving their personal goals. For Patrick Kiley-Rendon, Director of Instructional Technology, managing the information of over 3,500 students in seven schools is not a one-person job. When New York schools received the announcement that “high-risk” sports could begin in their state, Patrick only had a short amount of time to inform families, answer questions, and collect consent for testing student-athletes for Covid-19.

But when done together, no task is too big.

In light of the news, the administrative staff was quickly able to create a custom form, notify parents, and collect the responses needed to get students on the field safely. The flexibility when creating a custom form means Patrick has complete control to include whatever information will help keep families up to date.

Having a simple way to communicate updates to families ensures that everyone is on the same page. Patrick and his team were so happy with how easy Arbiter Registration made the collection process, that the district now has plans to use for all student registrations in the future


When tailoring it to meet our needs, we included supplemental forms from the lab company and an FAQ about the testing process. Parents created accounts and navigated everything with very few questions. Our Director of Athletics is excited to begin using to replace paper ‘Medical and Contact Cards’ for our student-athletes.

Patrick Kiley-Rendon